Ways to Convert an Excel to PDF

File conversion has becoming an industry of its own. New file formats are being born for a lot of the new software that comes out, generating more and more file extensions. A simple calculation tells us that there can be 46,656 unique three-digit file extensions and more than a 1,5 million 4-digit ones. This brings the matter of communication between users, using different software and respectively, different file formats. Therefore, the rising number of file formats leads to creating more and more converting software.


Reasons to convert

Back to our case, Excel files are considered by most users as work-files, making them pretty handy to work with, but not really the best choice for presentations. Using pdf to transfer information gives you a much higher probability of trouble-free exchange. That’s main reason why PDF files became so popular because everyone with free PDF reading software can access the contents, with no regard to the software which was used to create the material in question. On top of that, pdf files look much clearer when it comes to presenting, no matter the content. They allow the information to be structured as a step-by-step report, which makes it easier to follow and understand. Therefore, after you’re finished editing your files, be that an Excel spreadsheet or a Word document, you can convert it to PDF and thus giving it a final touch.


Conversion Tools


Microsoft Save as XPS – another built-in option you might use is the Save as PDF or XPS add-on for Excel. It enables you to save as PDF or XPS in eight 2007 Microsoft Office Programs – it is free and is less than 1 MB. The disadvantage is that it doesn’t help you to export from PDF.

DoPDF – this is a very nice free alternative of the commersial conversion products. DoPDF works as a virtual printer and can create PDF file from any program capable of printing.



Adobe Conversion Packs – Adobe gives you the opportunity to convert from and to pdf easily, but it is not included in the freeware version, so you will have to purchase a pdf pack and pay a yearly fee.

Docudesk PDF Creator – it is one of the most popular among the commersial PDF creators. One of the useful features is previeing what you are creating before actualy create it.



Here the possibilities are also endless, the web is swarming with web-based converting tools, you simply have to choose one of them and use it. The bad thing about them is that most of them will not give you all the options and agility that a desktop based utility might. However, when you look for a simple and one time conversion, they’re most likely to get the job done. Once again, we have a utility to bring to your attention, an online tool that’s been around since 2005 and is responsible for millions of conversions. This is the Online PDF Converter by Baltsoft Software. Baltsoft’s PDF convertor works with a huge range of file formats for free. There is an option to use one of their paid plans in order to lift all the imposed limitations.

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