Several Strong Reasons to Invest in Dialogic Boards

Dialogic boards provide businesses with a number of features that are exclusive to the brand, and they are worth taking a look at. There are several broad reasons to record a telephone conversation:

  • you must be able to prove what was said in the conversation,
  • you need to use recordings to train newly hired personnel, and
  • you need to monitor active calls of employees remotely and anonymously for performance evaluations.

Beyond recording, phone systems today are advanced and able to perform mundane tasks, such as account information lookup, without constantly requiring a human on both ends of the line. With these requirements in mind, a proven, reliable hardware solution can ensure stability and scalability for small and mid-size businesses. This has become especially true as offices now rely on both a data and voice communication network. Nothing is more important for good customer service than treating the customers in your physical presence promptly, respectfully, and honestly. Second to that, you must also give priority to voice communications over data communications on any shared network. Finally, your email communications should be prompt and well written. Unfortunately, some businesses have priorities set incorrectly and focus to a fault on their web-based messaging. Forgetting the significance these more personal forms of communication have results in the alienation of your clientele.

Give Better Service through Automation

In an ideal world there would not be tradeoffs. Ideally you would like to be able to always give a human voice to those who call your organization. However, costs are increasing, as is competition, so finding ways to automate voice interactions for efficiency is good business. Dialogic JTC media boards are the foundation for a solid office communication system. Continuous Speech Processing (CSP) technology present on many dialogic devices allows for the analysis and recognition of speech. This onboard firmware will allow for the development of speech-aware communication applications. Dialogic goes even further by providing the device drivers, processing software, application programming interfaces, and example demo applications necessary to begin development of enterprise systems that utilize the CSP feature set. These applications will allow call routing and free up service representatives to handle less routine inquiries. This can also reduce the need for as much support staff thereby allowing your business to hire people to drive sales and profits higher.

Invest in What Matters Most

Digital signal processing (DSP) does not end with speech to text processing. Algorithms are also available to optimize the storage space recordings utilize. With other products, you end up wasting a large amount of space recording audio that is near silent. The pause and silent gaps between spoken phrases increase the storage footprint of digital recordings. DSP smart processing technology will eliminate this waste of resources, recording only active sounds and eliminating quiet and silent regions of the conversation. This type of optimization pays for itself in the form of reduced disk storage requirements. Make a smart investment for the long term and select a proven platform to base your mission-critical systems with dialogic boards.

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