Search text in multiple Word, PDF, RTF and text files

How to search text in multiple text, MS Word and PDF files

I needed a simple and easy to use software to search for a text in a number of documents in my computer – MS Word documents, PDF or simple text files.

I have discovered that there are two types of software – using indexing, and not using indexing. I would like to briefly discuss the pros and cons of these two types of software.


Programs that use indexing

You can find many programs for Windows able to search everything on your computer. One major drawback of these programs is that they run continuously, making an index. It means that they constantly dig into all folders and files on your computer to retrieve and process text. Even if you do not use the program, it constantly scrapes on your hard disk and overloads your PC.

Another disadvantage of the indexing programs is that they do not always use the latest version of the documents, since your file of interest may have been edited or changed several times after the last indexing.


Programs searching directly without indexing

On the contrary, there are programs that work only when you open them. SeekFast is one of the best ones available. SeekFast is a software tool for quick and easy text search on your computer. SeekFast can search in all Microsoft Word documents (doc), PDF, RTF and text files in a folder and its subfolders on your computer.

SeekFast does not use indexing, does not load your computer’s resources and always works with the current version of the documents.


Advantages of SeekFast

Speed and convenience
With SeekFast the search is easy, fast and convenient. Select a folder, enter search words and get search results in a second. SeekFast is compatible with all modern versions of Windows – Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Sort results by relevance
Like Google, SeekFast shows you the most relevant results on the top. SeekFast uses powerful technology for sorting, that produces results similar to what you would get from Google on the net. The SeekFast technology is unique and has no analogue in the world.

Smart display
You get the file names and sentences containing your search words immediately. For greater convenience, search terms are highlighted in red.

Quick review of the text
You can open the corresponding file with one click. If you want to view only the text, you can click on the phrase and see the text surrounding it. This allows you to make a quick overview of the text in files.

Integration with Windows Explorer
SeekFast is integrated with Windows Explorer – just right-click a folder and choose “SeekFast…”. The application starts and you can immediately search the selected folder.


Search in PHP, Java,. Net, C + +, Perl and other programming files

SeekFast is extremely useful for searching in large software projects. When thousands of files are available, it is extremely difficult to find a function, variable or text throughout them. With SeekFast this happens in a second, which can save you many hours of digging and searching in the code.

It is easy to search C++ files, Java files, PHP files, Perl files. SeekFast supports searching files of nearly all popular programming languages: PHP (php), C and C + + (c, cpp, h), Java (java, jsp), Perl (pl, plx), HTML (html, htm), XML (xml), properties, log files.

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