How to turn on/off your TV with your phone. Remotely!

Have you ever lost your TV remote control?

Or maybe you just want to use your smartphone for this job?

You can control your TV with your mobile phone just like when you use your remote. Here’s how.


Before we start, you should make sure that your smartphone has an infrared sensor. Its a peace of hardware integrated into the smartphone and gives you access to any infrared compatible gadget through infrared rays.

Look in the internet if your model has one. It’s called also ir blaster or infrared LED.

With this thing you can control devices like:

  • TV
  • Projector
  • AC
  • Fan
  • A/V receiver
  • DVD Player
  • Camera

And more…


In order to use your infrared blaster, you need a proper application. A good one covers all the functions of your gadget and allows you to fully control it.

Commonly, your phone shoud have an app, that is awready installed. Anyway, there are plenty of apps in the market that are doing it. Just search for a word like “remote” and choose one.

Since the Chinese company Xiaomi includes ir blasters in many of their smartphone models, they’ve made an app, called MI remote and it’s all free. I would reccomend it, as it is one of the best out there.


In order to control your TV open the app and chose “TV”.

If you want to access a different gadget, no problem. Just choose it and you’ll be able to do the same thing as shown below.

Next you want to select the brand of your TV. (If you can’t find it, you can try with other app, report it to the developer or try to connect through a similar type TV).

After that you should just follow the app instructions. Remember to point the remote at the TV every time.

Now you have a full remote control of your TV.

The method may differ from other apps. However it will be as simple as shown above.

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