How to search in large Java, C++ or PHP projects

I am a programmer, and usually I work on large software projects. Most of them are Java, C++ or PHP projects. In large projects, when I am dealing with hundreds or thousands of files, it is often difficult to find out where is for example the body of a function, a given text string, or a variable.

Of course, there are powerful IDE tolls like Eclipse, which has some searching capabilities. I am using Eclipse, and I think that it is the best IDE for Java, PHP and even C++ development. However, in my opinion, the most convenient tool for searching in large software projects is SeekFast. It instantly shows me the files and the texts I am searching for. And I can immediately view the text or open the file.

SeekFast acts like Google – it arranges results by relevance. It does not index my machine and gives actual results. SeekFast can search in text files – thousands of files – within a second. If you need to search C++ files, Java files, PHP files, Perl files, do it with SeekFast. It can also search MS Word files and PDF files.

With SeekFast you can search within the following types of text files: PHP (php), C and C + + (c, cpp, h), Java (java, jsp), Perl (pl, plx), HTML (html, htm), XML (xml), properties, log files.

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