How to read ODT files without installing OpenOffice

What is OpenOffice

Open Office is free to download, use and spread program and great alternative to MS Office, because it’s free and open-source, a multiplatform and a multilingual office software, compatible with other significant office suites. It contains everything you need for an office software – spreadsheet, word processing program, program for presentations, graphics, the ability to create HTML files and many other things, and most of that are better than the proposals of Microsoft. This software works with the increasingly popular and extremely promising document format ODF.

With you can open most documents of MS Office, edit them and save them both in the standard format of and in their original format. is in continuous development and its capabilities are constantly increasing. Unlike MS Office, works very well with Windows and Linux. It has perfect support for OASIS Open Document format, data export in PDF format, built in tools for work with databases and other benefits.

What should we do when someone sent us an ODT file

The extension .ODT has files, similar to MS Word files and created by word processing applications of Open Office. This application uses OASIS Open Document XML standard, allowing users to use documents in multiple operating systems and applications. The program Open Office is designed to reduce the market share of Microsoft. shows some software that will open or convert .ODT files for you. The following programs are suggested:  Open Writer, Libre Office and Microsoft Office. But if you need to install the application, it will take a long time.

Free tool for viewing ODT file on SeekFast

You can see immediately the contents of .ODT file without installing of Open Office. Just go to View OpenOffice odt file online page, browse to choose your file and press Submit. You will view the contents online, without any registration or download.

Advantages of this tool over other similar:

  • Registration is not required
  • No need to download the text
  • The text can be seen directly online
  • It allows you to search the text quickly and easily on your computer in all commonly used types of documents

If you would like to search within the text of many ODT and other files, you can download and try the SeekFast program from the same website – it is easy to use and has a free version.

Other tools

Viewdocsonline – This tool requires registration and is slower.

Odtviewer – This tool have to be installed if you want to open and view .ODT file. Its usage gives you the opportunity to convert .ODT file to .HTML file.

If you have installed 2007 Microsoft Office system Service Pack 2 (SP2), you can open and save .ODT files, using some easy steps, described by Microsoft.

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