How to open developer options on Android

Developer options

Developer options are some additional settings that most of the devices have. They have some cool features and additional potential. However you should use them carefully if you aren’t really sure what you are doing.

How to turn on

In order to turn on your developer options you should first open the phone info in your settings.

Then find your “Build number” and start clicking it ( Its usually around 7 times.)

If you use Xiaomi device find your “MIUI version”.

After you clicked it some times, you should get a message, that says you’ve unlocked your developer options. Now you have access to them.

Find and open

Once you unlock your developer options, they are placed somewhere in your settings.

To find the “developer options” go to System/device settings (Or something similar depending on your device)

Then go to “Additional settings”.

There you will find your developer options.


What do they offer

Developer options offer many types of features, including :

  • Debugging
  • Networking
  • Drawing
  • Hardware accelerated rendering
  • Apps

And more…

One famous future is to visualize the every your tap. This can help you if you record your screen or if you are an app developer for example.

Turn them off

It’s quite easy to turn off the developer options. If do it, their functions won’t continue to work until you turn them on back and set them. Also the settings you’ve made won’t save. (This particularly is true for MIUI devices, but it may differ in other operating systems).

To turn them off just open them and you’ll see a turn on/off button.

Once you’ve turned them off, the developer section will also disappear when you leave the settings.

You can easily turn them on again by following the steps.

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