How to Count Audio File Length by the Number of Words

Imagine you need to count the length of audio file, but you have only text at a moment, so what shall you do? Simply, look for a free script timer software or a web app that does such job. Usually all script timers have a straightforward and simple user interface. Counting words and characters is a daily event for exeryone who’s task is to do voiceover or text narration. If you insert any amount of text in Word, you can see the number of characters and words in a text. But script timer helps determine the number of pages and the timing that results from reading of the text. For example, when we work on voiceover at, we strive to count each line of letters to measure coming audio file precisely.


How script timer works?

Script timer is based on the principle tracking average word count taking into account the rule of “two words are equal to one second.” All that remains to the program – it’s right to count words and in a convenient way to bring the results of calculations:

  • Minimum timing – the speaker reads at a rapid pace
  • Optimal timing – the speaker reads the average rate

The traditional definition of a stopwatch timing with no experience often gives erroneous results. In practice, the announcer reads the same text more slowly – a professional announcer temporitme feed is different from the “home” of human speech. It is this difference that script timer takes into account first and foremost. Calculation formula is universal enough, but every rule there are exceptions. If your case testimony doest not coincide with those records – try the advanced mode of script timer. Use instead of standard controls script timer a new parameter of speaking pace, which can take values in the range of 50% to 200%. The default rate is 100% speech speed.

Advanced mode can also be useful in determining the timing of game audio clips, where at normal speed reading should be 10-20% fewer words than for information.

To sum it up, before you start calculating the length of audio file with a script timer, you shall try to compare the pace of your speech and average speaking habbits.

Script timer’s main feature is the count timing. It specifies how much time it takes for text. It is his property and is an interesting tool for professionals working with text as a basis for audio content such as actors, speakers and presenters.

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