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Quick Searches with SeekFast

As part of their work, people often need to find information in the files on their computers or they need to find one particular file. Very often we start opening documents one by one and sometimes it takes quite a lot of time and efforts to find out exactly what we need. This is true especially in cases when we have many folders and subfolders on our computers or when the files aren’t arranged in a strict way. This is where searching programmes come in handy.

However, it is important to point out that some searching programmes use indexing, which slows down the work of the computer. It can also lead to inaccurate results, since the indexing may have been carried out some days ago and it may not include the latest information. That is why it is very useful to choose software that does not require indexing.

One such programmes is called SeekFast. It helps one search folders and subfolders on one’s computer. The search words or phrases that are found are highlighted in red.

Then people have the option to see the text, surrounding the search term, without opening the whole document, or to open the file containing them. This happens with a single click of the mouse, which makes this software extremely easy to use.

When people get too many results, the search can be narrowed down in a few ways. First, a person can change the order of the words and in this case he/she will most probably get what they need. Second, a person may specify the type of files to be searched: doc, docx, PDF, xlsx, pptx, rtf, odt and text files: txt, htm, html, cpp, c, jsp, php, h and others.

Another useful thing about the programme is that it is very similar to a search in Google, because one sees the most relevant results first. Moreover, the programme is integrated with Windows explorer, which means that a person may start the programme with a right click of the mouse.

SeekFast is offered in two versions – a full and a free. The difference is that the full version allows you to search in greater number of files. It is paid and the price one pays depends on the number of users: the price for a single user is USD 28 and the more users, the lower the price. The free programme performs searched in fewer document, but it can be used and distributed freely among users.

All in all, SeekFast is one of the best programmes for carrying out searches without any waste of time.