Difference Between an Atom or Xeon Dedicated Server

Congratulations. If you are at the point of deciding what kind of dedicated server to host your website, then you already must have a pretty good idea and plan for its execution. The good news is, from here on out, there are really no bad choices. That being said, it is something that still deserves careful scrutiny. The cost and utilization of a specific processor, and the memory that comes with it, will be important factors in your website’s success and manageability. The first thing you need to know is your budget; how much do you have upfront, per month, and annually to spend on server costs? There is good news, in that even robust server set ups ultimately don’t cost much; certainly when you consider the stress and upkeep of running your own server at home or in the office. This article will help you choose between an Intel Atom or Xeon dedicated server, which are two of the most popular ones on the market.

Xeon vs. Atom

The Atom processor is a relatively new development from Intel, made first for mobile computing, such as tablets and phones, and then was later extended into desktops and server models. Considering its roots, it will probably not surprise you that the Atom focuses on power savings over power utilization, but that doesn’t mean it does not deliver. It simply means you need to consider the needs of your website, your budget, and your expected growth. An Atom-based server would be fantastic for a low-demand website, or for anyone environmentally conscious. That being said, in tests the Atom handles traffic loads significantly worse than the Xeon, which is Intel’s more robust server processor. It’s a quad-core monster processor that is great for content-focused websites expecting lots of traffic, or for someone expecting to grow considerably over time, or someone who has a large budget and wants as much power as they can get.

Think Ahead

It is always tempting to go for the cheaper option, especially since the Atom is a fine processor. You may even have the money for a Xeon processor but are not confident in your website’s potential to generate a lot of traffic. Well, you know how some pets will grow to the size of the cage they are housed in? It can be the same for businesses or websites. If you gain a little popularity, but because you have chosen a weaker processor your load times are so extreme that people stop coming, then you have sealed your own destiny. Studies show that millisecond differences in load times can shift viewer preference considerably, so small increases in power may have drastic consequences. When choosing between the Atom or Xeon dedicated processor, think ahead, and remember a bit of extra cost could turn into a storm of popularity.

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