2 ways to restrict annoying apps background activity.

In this article I want to show you some different strategies I use in order to save battery and to control the performance usage in my favor.

Restrict the maximal amount of running processes.

Every recently closed app could continue running in the background. This makes a huge mess in your RAM memory and slows down your processor. Especially if you work with many apps in your smartphone.

That’s why we need to make the processor keeping only the activities that you currently work with.

In order to do this, open the settings and then open the developer options section (How to open developer options on Android).

There you will find a section “apps” or something similar, where you would be able to change app activity settings.

Go to Background process limit and set the right limit for you. For example, if you usually work with two apps at once, set it to 2 (Or 3 just in case).

This way your phone will be focused only on what you are focused on. The processor will work much easily. This will make it smoother and save power usage, which helps your battery a lot.

If you want all the power to be in your current app or don’t want any apps to run in background, choose “no background processes”

Or turn on “don’t keep activities” .

Now you have much more effective processor and GPU and your whole phone will stay cooler.

Restricting the Apps

The second method is the one i prefer, as i often use multiple processes and don’t want to limit them.

So the whole trick here is to unable the apps to run in background. In this case you can open as much apps as you want at a time, but as soon as you close one, it won’t be able to continue running and slow down your phone. Also there won’t be additional self-opened apps, that you don’t know about .

The first option you want to turn off is the “Autostart”. Go to your phone settings and find the app permissions.

Then find the autostart permission. Settings on different phones may vary.

Then turn it off for all of the apps, unless you have any that you want to autostart.

This will make the apps unable the start without your permission. That gives you full control over your installed apps. Your processor will be used more efficiently: on the task you do and not on these you don’t.

This will save you much battery, reduce heating and will improve your phone speed.

The last step is to make the apps unable to start in background.

Go to settings-> app permissions

Then find the permission “start in background”

And restrict all the apps you don’t want to start in background.


You can try all the different methods, combining them and see how it works perfect for you.

In any case, these tricks may save you much time, battery and increase your overall performance.

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