Things You Might Not Know About Your Smartphone

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Jul 03 2014

Smartphones seem to be getting smarter all the time these days—and it’s to the point that most people don’t even know everything their phone can do. You can make calls, send texts and play games, but most people don’t know how to do things like print. You might have a document on your phone that you need a hard copy of your smart phone can help you send that to the printer, moreover, you can pay for your printing service with your smartphone, you can even scan receipts and beyond with your phone. Below are just a few things you can do with the right apps and a little ingenuity.


Most people know they can use apps like Skype, Google+ or Windows Live Messenger on their smartphone, there are a lot of other programs out there like Mobiola, Line and others. If you’ve been having problems with Skype disconnecting or other issues that seem to pop up with some of the more popular services, you might want to give it a try.


There are a lot of apps that let you scan things, so it really depends on what you want to do with the scans. If you’re looking for something simple like a barcode and QR code scanner, there are a lot of free programs for download, all of which do as well as the next. There are yet other apps that let you do things like scan and sync business cards. You can find either function-specific apps or all-in-one apps, whichever one works best for you.


While it hasn’t really caught on in the States, people in Japan commonly use their mobile phones as a stand-in for their wallet. Some applications can store credit card information (Visa, AmEx and Mastercard all have their own apps) and banking information (most large banks have their own apps). You can also use discount and membership cards, too. Some places have a tap-to-pay system, and with these apps, all you need to do is put your smartphone on a sensor with the app open, and the funds are automatically transferred.

Mobile Hotspot

This one is pretty simple. It usually doesn’t require you to download an app—just pay a little bit more for data to your provider, and it gives you the ability to create a Wi-Fi hotspot from your phone.

Live TV

Most local service providers and phone providers offer apps for streaming live content to a smartphone. One very popular one is, which lets you stream baseball games from all over the country to your phone. You can also download apps like netTV or TVUPlayer. The audio might not be the vest, but it’s better than nothing.

All-purpose Thing Identifier

If you have a hard time figuring out what something is, an Android phone can be your best friend. With the app, Google Goggles, you can snap a picture of something, and the app can find out what they are. It’s just a simple web search away.

Now that you have an idea of what’s out there, it’s not hard to find out what kind of apps you can use to unlock the potential in your pocket. Even things like printing are made easier by knowing how to use all the tools at your disposal. Printing services in Ogden may not know exactly how to use these apps, though. But when you know how to use these apps, you won’t have to try photocopying your iPad when you go into printing companies in Ogden. Don’t look at me like that. Most people have tried it.

How to read ODT files without installing OpenOffice

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Mar 18 2014

What is OpenOffice

Open Office is free to download, use and spread program and great alternative to MS Office, because it’s free and open-source, a multiplatform and a multilingual office software, compatible with other significant office suites. It contains everything you need for an office software – spreadsheet, word processing program, program for presentations, graphics, the ability to create HTML files and many other things, and most of that are better than the proposals of Microsoft. This software works with the increasingly popular and extremely promising document format ODF.

With you can open most documents of MS Office, edit them and save them both in the standard format of and in their original format. is in continuous development and its capabilities are constantly increasing. Unlike MS Office, works very well with Windows and Linux. It has perfect support for OASIS Open Document format, data export in PDF format, built in tools for work with databases and other benefits.


What should we do when someone sent us an ODT file

The extension .ODT has files, similar to MS Word files and created by word processing applications of Open Office. This application uses OASIS Open Document XML standard, allowing users to use documents in multiple operating systems and applications. The program Open Office is designed to reduce the market share of Microsoft. shows some software that will open or convert .ODT files for you. The following programs are suggested:  Open Writer, Libre Office and Microsoft Office. But if you need to install the application, it will take a long time.


Free tool for viewing ODT file on SeekFast

You can see immediately the contents of .ODT file without installing of Open Office. Just go to View OpenOffice odt file online page, browse to choose your file and press Submit. You will view the contents online, without any registration or download.

Advantages of this tool over other similar:

  • Registration is not required
  • No need to download the text
  • The text can be seen directly online
  • It allows you to search the text quickly and easily on your computer in all commonly used types of documents

If you would like to search within the text of many ODT and other files, you can download and try the SeekFast program from the same website – it is easy to use and has a free version.


Other tools

Viewdocsonline – This tool requires registration and is slower.

Odtviewer – This tool have to be installed if you want to open and view .ODT file. Its usage gives you the opportunity to convert .ODT file to .HTML file.

If you have installed 2007 Microsoft Office system Service Pack 2 (SP2), you can open and save .ODT files, using some easy steps, described by Microsoft.



Important Reasons for Digitizing Microfilm

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Mar 18 2014

There are certain formats for information storage that have become somewhat obsolete in the recent past. While it is a good idea to move on from those old forms, it is equally important to make sure that the text and information stored on those things is retained and effectively transferred to new formats that will not be easily lost or damaged. That is why it is so important to get involved in digitizing microfilm. These filmstrips can get damaged very easily and take up a lot of space in their current formats, but they hold a lot of important statistics and information. These are just three of the many reasons that so many libraries are investing in systems that will allow them to transfer their stores of microfilm to digital formats.

The Filmstrips Are Easily Damaged

The biggest problem with trying to hang onto these old filmstrips is that they are very fragile. They can get cracked with very little pressure, and can lose a lot of their imaging if they are exposed to high levels of light. The laundry list of dangers that can potentially ruin these films is long, and this is one of the best reasons to invest in digitizing microfilm. Those digital formats take a lot less diligence and worry to take care of, and that is a welcome feat to those who have been paranoid about damaging their rolls of film. This also increases the access to these important pieces of information, and releases you from all risk associated with letting people view and use them.

There Is Important Information on Them

The reasons these fragile and hard to read things have been kept around for so long is because they hold some very important information in them. A lot of them hold Census information, newspaper negatives, and other such things that can be very helpful to people. The most common usage of these formats is from people trying to piece together genealogy reports. A lot of the needed dates and names are found in these films, and it is vital that those people are able to find that information. When they are changed to digital records, that information is much easier to spread and use, and will pose no danger at all to the hard copy.

They Take Up a Lot of Space

As far as information storage goes, microfilm is one of the bulkiest ones out there. Not only are the film strips themselves quite large but they also have to be viewed on large and noisy machines. When you invest in digitizing microfilm, you will be able to have all of that text and information without having to use up so much space. Digital information takes up hardly any space at all, especially if you plan to store the data on a remote server. If space is tight and you are tired of losing important information due to the fragility of this original format, then these are services that could be a huge help to you.

How to Count Audio File Length by the Number of Words

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Jan 20 2014

Imagine you need to count the length of audio file, but you have only text at a moment, so what shall you do? Simply, look for a free script timer software or a web app that does such job. Usually all script timers have a straightforward and simple user interface. Counting words and characters is a daily event for exeryone who’s task is to do voiceover or text narration. If you insert any amount of text in Word, you can see the number of characters and words in a text. But script timer helps determine the number of pages and the timing that results from reading of the text. For example, when we work on voiceover at, we strive to count each line of letters to measure coming audio file precisely.


How script timer works?

Script timer is based on the principle tracking average word count taking into account the rule of “two words are equal to one second.” All that remains to the program – it’s right to count words and in a convenient way to bring the results of calculations:

  • Minimum timing – the speaker reads at a rapid pace
  • Optimal timing – the speaker reads the average rate

The traditional definition of a stopwatch timing with no experience often gives erroneous results. In practice, the announcer reads the same text more slowly – a professional announcer temporitme feed is different from the “home” of human speech. It is this difference that script timer takes into account first and foremost. Calculation formula is universal enough, but every rule there are exceptions. If your case testimony doest not coincide with those records – try the advanced mode of script timer. Use instead of standard controls script timer a new parameter of speaking pace, which can take values in the range of 50% to 200%. The default rate is 100% speech speed.

Advanced mode can also be useful in determining the timing of game audio clips, where at normal speed reading should be 10-20% fewer words than for information.

To sum it up, before you start calculating the length of audio file with a script timer, you shall try to compare the pace of your speech and average speaking habbits.

Script timer’s main feature is the count timing. It specifies how much time it takes for text. It is his property and is an interesting tool for professionals working with text as a basis for audio content such as actors, speakers and presenters.

A Comparison Between Cash Registers and EPOS Tills

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Jan 17 2014

Cash management systems are very important in business. Any flaws within the system can lead to major financial catastrophes, which could hurt your business. Therefore, you will need a machine that will process your sales and ensure that everything is done with accuracy and efficiency.

You have two options when it comes to cash management systems. You can settle either for traditional cash registers, or set up a computerized point of sale system. Each one has its own benefits and limitation.

Benefits and Limitations of Cash Registers

The main benefit of cash registers is that it has very low cost for startups. It has fewer components, as opposed to an EPOS system. Learning how to operate cash registers is also easier and does not require any training. Cash registers are also durable because they can last up to 15 years of usage. However, it is only capable of handling basic tasks. It is incapable of doing more sophisticated functions, such as updating of inventory, time tracking, etc.

Benefits and Limitation of Computerized POS

Obviously, electronic point of sale systems, such as IPAD POS have more functions than traditional cash registers. It can provide a detailed report of each transaction completed, including the time, date, as well name and descriptions of each product sold.

Electronic point of sale systems is also capable of updating your inventories whenever sales are made, making inventory management easier. Data sharing is also another excellent feature of computerized POS. This feature proves to be beneficial for restaurant businesses, because it allows the staff to transmit orders to the kitchen with great efficiency.

EPOS is also upgradeable. There are numerous accessories, which you can incorporate into the system. For example, you can connect receipt printers, scanners, CCTVs, touch screen display, and so forth. These devices can make things easier for your staff, which in turn boosts the quality of their performance.

The only downside of electronic point of sale system is that they tend to be pricey. The cost usually depends on the features of the system. You may also need to train your staff to use the system due to the vast number of functions that it has.

How to Buy an EPOS System

The first thing that you need to do is to know your business needs. In this way, you will be able to know which features you should look for when shopping for EPOS tills. This will also help you avoid wasting money. As mentioned earlier, the cost of electronic point of sale systems depends on its features. Therefore, buying a system that contains features unsuitable to your business is not a wise idea.

You can order EPOS systems online, or buy them from local vendors. Just make sure you will check the reputation of the retailer before you make a purchase. You can do this by reading reviews or asking for referrals or testimonials.

Cash registers and EPOS systems have their own benefits and limitations. Whether to choose the former or the latter, the choice is entirely up to you.

Ways to Convert an Excel to PDF

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Dec 27 2013

File conversion has becoming an industry of its own. New file formats are being born for a lot of the new software that comes out, generating more and more file extensions. A simple calculation tells us that there can be 46,656 unique three-digit file extensions and more than a 1,5 million 4-digit ones. This brings the matter of communication between users, using different software and respectively, different file formats. Therefore, the rising number of file formats leads to creating more and more converting software.


Reasons to convert

Back to our case, Excel files are considered by most users as work-files, making them pretty handy to work with, but not really the best choice for presentations. Using pdf to transfer information gives you a much higher probability of trouble-free exchange. That’s main reason why PDF files became so popular because everyone with free PDF reading software can access the contents, with no regard to the software which was used to create the material in question. On top of that, pdf files look much clearer when it comes to presenting, no matter the content. They allow the information to be structured as a step-by-step report, which makes it easier to follow and understand. Therefore, after you’re finished editing your files, be that an Excel spreadsheet or a Word document, you can convert it to PDF and thus giving it a final touch.


Conversion Tools


Microsoft Save as XPS – another built-in option you might use is the Save as PDF or XPS add-on for Excel. It enables you to save as PDF or XPS in eight 2007 Microsoft Office Programs – it is free and is less than 1 MB. The disadvantage is that it doesn’t help you to export from PDF.

DoPDF – this is a very nice free alternative of the commersial conversion products. DoPDF works as a virtual printer and can create PDF file from any program capable of printing.



Adobe Conversion Packs – Adobe gives you the opportunity to convert from and to pdf easily, but it is not included in the freeware version, so you will have to purchase a pdf pack and pay a yearly fee.

Docudesk PDF Creator – it is one of the most popular among the commersial PDF creators. One of the useful features is previeing what you are creating before actualy create it.



Here the possibilities are also endless, the web is swarming with web-based converting tools, you simply have to choose one of them and use it. The bad thing about them is that most of them will not give you all the options and agility that a desktop based utility might. However, when you look for a simple and one time conversion, they’re most likely to get the job done. Once again, we have a utility to bring to your attention, an online tool that’s been around since 2005 and is responsible for millions of conversions. This is the Online PDF Converter by Baltsoft Software. Baltsoft’s PDF convertor works with a huge range of file formats for free. There is an option to use one of their paid plans in order to lift all the imposed limitations.

What Are Your Options When It Comes to EPOS Solutions?

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Dec 16 2013

EPOS system is becoming the new trend nowadays. As time goes by, more and more business owners replace their old cash-register with electronic point-of-sale systems. In case you are planning to be one of the converts, then you should consider your options.


Why You Should Know Your Options?

There are many types of electronic point of sale system available. Their designs vary. You can find systems that can address your basic needs. Of course there are also electronic point-of-sale systems that can provide more sophisticated solutions. There is one thing that you should keep in mind when shopping for one. The more complex the design is, the more expensive it will be. Therefore, settling for point-of-sale systems that contain features that you don’t need is a waste of money. Below are your options when it comes to EPOS solutions types of available.


Option 1: Software-based Solution

If you are a small business owner and only need a point-of-sale system to process payments and calculate change, then it is advisable to choose ePOS systems that provide software-based solutions. This option will not cost you much. You can use your existing PC to run the software. You may also add any additional hardware, such as magnetic card reader, Keylock, operator monitor, cash drawer, customer display, etc. to improve efficiency.


Option 2: Electronic Point-of-sale and Accounts Linking Solution

This solution is capable of linking your electronic point-of-sale system. However, this option can cost you thousands of dollars, because it would require you to provide separate software for the back-office. Additional modules, such as Electronic Funds Transfer, remote access, and label printing are also needed for the EPOS till system. Still, with the flexibility, convenience, and efficiency boost that you will get, investing in this EPOS solution is worth it.


Option 3: Outsourcing to a Third Party

If you don’t have a budget for a new EPOS system then outsourcing electronic point-of-sale processing will be your best option. In this solution, a third party specialist will provide you a secure internet-based link to your point-of-sale system, as well as rent you specialised software needed for the system to operate. They will also manage all the information that your point-of-sale system have stored in their database. They can also send you reports whenever you need them. However, you need to pay monthly fees for their services.


Option 4: Customised Solution

In case you would like to have your electronic point-of-sale system to do the exact things you want it to do, then you should settle for customised solutions. With this option, your EPOS provider will not only provide the hardware and software necessary, but also sends a specialist that will tweak the systems according to your requirements. This option will ensure that your point-of-sale system will satisfy all your needs, but this is also the most expensive solution.

Knowing your options before shopping for electronic point-of-sale systems will enable you to choose the one that suits your needs and budget. With the right type of electronic point-of-sale system, you can greatly increase the efficiency and productivity of your business.

Can I Setup A Desktop Search Engine

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Nov 06 2013

Yes, and as a matter of fact you probably already have at least one desktop search engine in place. But first off, let’s make clear what a search engine is. Perhaps you will not be able to find a single Internet user who hasn’t used the services of a search engine. From Google, Yahoo, Bing and all the other web search engines to desktop based search engines, such as the built-in Microsoft Search, Apple’s Spotlight and other. Although the concept is the same in every search engine, they vary in the way they operate and the results they give.

For example, most web search engines use crawling bots to index the web and give you search results. Despite all the advantages, this hides some disadvantages as well; you can read more about that in the article, describing how you can explore The Invisible Web. The web search engines aside, a large portion of the desktop based search engines also use indexing, but they are such that don’t, for the sake of not using so much memory power and giving more accurate results.


Comparison Between Indexing And Non-indexing

After so long there are still on-going debates on this topic. Some users state that indexing is unnecessary, slows down your computer and even damages your hard drive, other say that it’s not that much of a burden and is worth the usage. If we are to make a statement about the subject, it will be a political one. Yes, indexing is worth it in some cases, and totally inappropriate in other. If you have a good configuration and regularly search only through a small portion of your hard drive, it might be beneficial to enable indexing for that part of your hard drive (for example your Documents folder). If you don’t search through your files often, search through your whole hard drive or use an SSD drive, it’s better to leave the indexing off.

In essence, indexing gives you a faster (but not that reliable) search, slowing down your computer in general and non-indexing gives you slower (and more reliable) search, but does not slow down your computer.


What Desktop Search Engines Are There

Since the beginning of desktop search tools, which originated with AppleSearch, there has been a lot of development. Desktop search tools mainly search through files and folders on your hard drives, but they can also search for e-mail archives, browser history, images, sound files, videos, text files and metadata. Some desktop search tools only search for files and folders, like the well-known Search companion, found in Windows XP. Others are more diverse in usage and are able to search a larger number of file types and metadata. A piece of software called SeekFast can search through a vast variety of files such as doc, docx, pdf, xlsx, pptx, odt, rtf, txt, htm, html, cpp, xml, php and many more.


How To Choose The Desktop Engine That Suits You

First, determine what file types you’re going to search for, determine the hard drive allocation you’re going to search through and the average frequency of your searches. If you are to search for a huge variety of file types, pick a desktop search engine that searches for your desired file types. The size of the hard drive allocation with searchable files and the frequency of your inquiries (as well as your computer configuration) will define whether you need indexing or non-indexing search engine. Check the indexing and non-indexing comparison above for deeper guidance on that topic. When you answer to all those questions, hit the web search engine you use and find the software you need.

How to search in multiple Microsoft Word documents

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Sep 25 2013

How to search in multiple Microsoft Word documents

Finding text in a single MS Word document is a pretty simple task – just press Ctrl+F and search. However, if you wold like to search in multiple documents, the task is not easy. For example, you may need to search all files in a folder, and subfolders as well.

You should have a special software in order to be able to do the task. Programs which can search text in many MS Word files are very few. The reason is that the MS Word file format is very complex and difficult to be read up from any software.

Is there any simple and free program, able to do that?


Programs searching in MS Word files

One of the most suitable programs, able to search in all MS Word documents in a folder, is SeekFast. It is free if you search up to 20 files. With SeekFast the search is easy, fast and convenient. Select a folder, enter search words and get search results in a second.

You can view how the program works in this simple video:

With SeekFast you can search not only MS Word (doc, docx) but also Excel files, PowerPoint files, PDF files, OpenOffice files, RTF files, or simple text files.

Like Google, SeekFast shows you the most relevant results on the top. SeekFast uses powerful technology for sorting, that produces results similar to what you would get from Google on the net.

You can open the corresponding file with one click. If you want to view only the text, you can click on the phrase and see the text surrounding it. This allows you to make a quick overview of the text in files.

SeekFast is available in two versions – Free and Full version. The only difference between the Free and Full versions is the number of files you can search at once – in the free version you can search up to 20 files, while in the paid version – up to 7000 files.

SEO Software And You

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Jul 18 2013

A website is an impressive tool. An individual, company, or an organization depends on their website to draw traffic. A website needs to pay for itself, and this is done through SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. This type of marketing strategy will gather online users and build a strong foundation for a growing website.

The primary source for gaining online traffic is the search engine. The search engine serves as a doorway into the internet. A person uses a keyword or phrase to explore The World Wide Web. The keyword or phrase will link to several websites within the database of the search engine. When the information is gathered, it will return a result for the online user. The primary strategy is to have a website displayed first or at the top of the search engine rankings. By having a website ranked at the top of search engine results, the website has a better chance of being chosen.

SEO Software can help in maintaining a website’s standings or to improve an existing one. This type of software can help to solidify a website’s online position. The software can also generate reports that will assist in maintaining current SEO strategies.

There are many types of SEO software that can be used. Some of these programs can be accessed through a website or they can be used as a stand alone application. Not all SEO software is the same, but they all center around the same theme, and that’s to stabilize SEO marketing.

Keywords play a strong role in determining which websites will be deemed important. Keywords are the key to getting a website ranked at the beginning of search engine results. How the program manipulates keywords and helps to generate new keywords is an advantage for the user.

Another keyword technique the software should possess is discovering negative keywords. Negative keywords are keywords that will place a website in search results that have no bearing to the website. This can create lowered rankings for the website. It is best to make sure that keywords are used that will place the website in the correct search results. By doing this a website can gain traffic because more people will see the site in specific results and not scattered around the search engine.

Website content is important also when it comes to rankings on a search engine. SEO software can place particular keywords in the content and to check for keywords and other material that will damage SEO marketing.

There are many ways to determine what SEO software is correct, but is is always best to see what SEO strategies are currently being used and where the weak and strong points are located. To learn more just visit